Teacher Simulator review

Teacher Simulator

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Walking into the chaotic realm of the school universe is a nostalgic experience, but this time, you're not the student - you're in control. Teacher Simulator, developed by Kwalee, does perfectly what it says on the box. It is an immersive, fun-filled simulation game that gives you the power to decide between ticks, crosses, and disciplinary measures. 

The Education Junction:

Takes you back on memory lane? Indeed! Step this way to find your seat behind the teacher's desk. This isn’t merely a game; it’s a lesson in and of itself. In a unique spin, you're tasked with educating kids about indispensable life skills, combining old-school and contemporary knowledge. A core component of the gameplay is teaching kids to decode phrases like "LOL," which makes the game a hilarious blend of teaching and trivia. 

Architect of Exam Papers:

This teaching simulation is about more than just in-class behavior management. Teacher Simulator incorporates a familiar anxiety-inducing activity: exam marking. The game style morphs into a meticulous task of sharpening your pencils while maintaining a vigilant eye on every answer box on the paper. A check for right, an 'X' for wrong - these are your weapons in upholding academic integrity. 

Keeper of the Classroom Order:

Roaming the hallways isn’t just about monitoring but also intervening when required. In an abstract twist, you are tasked with disciplining the misbehaving students using interesting measures such as a stun gun or a fire extinguisher, making an inherently ordinary task exhilarating and a little rebellious. 

A Peek into Career Progression:

The fast-paced world of Teacher Simulator keeps you tied to your screen with its dynamic nature. A job well done earns you the chance to teach new classes, from general knowledge to film, paying you more and more, thus reflecting real-life career progression. If you're up for exploring, you can always try out other careers like Market Boss or Sweet Shop 3D.


Teacher simulator offers an intricate, detailed, and fun glimpse into the life of a teacher. It brings a refreshing twist to the realm of school-oriented games with a balanced mix of various roles the teacher has to fill in a classroom scenario. 


  • Incorporates trivia and real-life situational learning for kids, which makes it enjoyable
  • Engages the player with tasks like sharpening pencils and marking exam papers
  • Encourages job progression to keep players motivated
  • Incorporates humor in disciplinary measures, making it entertaining.


  • The use of a stun gun and fire extinguisher as disciplinary measures can be seen as controversial
  • The game can be overwhelming, as the player has to multitask between teaching, marking exams, and maintaining discipline.


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