Join Clash 3D review

Join Clash 3D

Published & copyrighted by Freeplay Inc

Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of Join Clash 3D! Your mission? To recruit, lead, race, and clash, delivering a thrill-infused gameplay that keeps you yearning for more. Get ready to gather your team and traverse the vying city, compete against rivals, and claim victory.

Gather the Biggest Crowd: Your Journey from Solitude to Leadership

Starting off as a solitary wanderer, you soon find yourself tasked with the intriguing mission of gathering followers. You navigate through the game’s bustling city, collecting insightful, lively new members who help fortify your crowd. The pleasure derived from leading a massive team through a series of obstacles that move, rotate, and expand is truly fulfilling. 

A Game of Survival: Dodging Death at Every Turn

This is not any ordinary run; it’s a race for survival where you must outwit and outmaneuver a myriad of obstacles. Spanning from swinging axes to gigantic spheres lined up to crush you, every turn is a life-and-death gamble. How far can you navigate this hazardous obstacle course? It’s a test of wit and courage.

Graphics & Control: Visual Splendor with Seamless Controls

Join Clash 3D's graphical interface is crisp and vivid, a feast for the eyes. Every swing of the axe, the rotation, and the expansion of the obstacles - every detail is beautifully captured. The super smooth swipe control further enhances the gameplay, ensuring a seamless performance that is both engaging and interactive.

Extra Features: More than Just a Run

Apart from the main gameplay, Join Clash 3D includes other attractive features that enhance gamer satisfaction. Featuring countless levels, each unique in its design and challenge, the in-game reward system and the gifts further adds a level of gratification to the gameplay.

Conclusion: A Race Worth the Run

Undeniably, Join Clash 3D is an addictive and finely crafted game that promises to keep its players captivated from start to finish. The anticipation that builds up as you gather your crowd, battling through each successive course with your team, is unmatched. Although the game might initially seem daunting, the fun and satisfaction derived from successfully navigating the course are unparalleled.


  • Engaging gameplay that combines racing and surviving elements
  • Crisp, bright graphics that make the game visually appealing
  • Smooth controls that ensure intuitive gameplay
  • Multiple, unique levels of varying difficulty
  • Rewarding system of gifts and rewards.


  • Some may find the game's difficulty level a bit high
  • Though visually appealing, graphics may not be as advanced when compared to some high-end games
  • The game could benefit from a more varied choice of locations and backgrounds.


Join Clash 3D Join Clash 3D