Geometry Dash review

Geometry Dash

Published & copyrighted by RobTop Games

It's not a term that necessarily invokes exhilaration or thrilling adventures unless paired with the vivacious rhythm of Geometry Dash, that is. 

A Rhythmic Tour of Geometric Challenges:

Designed with a rhythmic core, Geometry Dash effortlessly blends platformer action with pacing that matches the beat of its incredible soundtrack. User-friendly controls ensure that one can dive into the game immediately with minimal fuss while aligning with the universal appeal of the game. The timing-based gameplay quotients pump up the adrenaline as it's not just about steering clear of obstacles; it's also about keeping rhythm.

Graphics: Where Cubed Dreams Come Alive:

The new simulation version of Geometry Dash offers a captivating treat of pulsating geometric landscapes. It is the canvas upon which you surf through your electrifying adventure. The visuals, reminiscent of an electric dreamscape, keep you engrossed and paint a vivid and immersive world of etched edges and cornered fun. The inspired fan-creation recreates the enticing environment of the parent game while adding an imaginative spin.

Epic Melodies Drive Your Journey:

What sets Geometry Dash apart is its signature epic soundtrack. This isn't just background noise; the pulsing rhythm elevates the gameplay by seamlessly intertwining with the action. Each melody driving the player to move forward has them not just play the game but truly experience it.

A Compatibility of Control & Complexity:

The ease of the one-click controls couldn't be more deceiving for the tough and even near-impossible, intriguing challenges you'll encounter in the game. In spite of the simplicity of the controls, the gameplay demands a higher degree of agility and timing. It tests perseverance and patience in a joyous ambiance that hides the strenuous nature of the challenges beneath a surge of upbeat excitement.

Unleashing Your True Potential through the Level Editor:

One of the truly compelling additions in the full version of the game is the online-level editor. A testament to Geometry Dash's appeal is the community of fans who are not only players but also creators, crafting their unique challenges and levels for others to experience. 


Geometry Dash is a perfect storm of rhythmic challenges and geometric delight, wrapped in an aesthetically pleasing package. Melded with an incredibly engaging soundtrack and intuitively easy controls, Geometry Dash presents a revelry of challenges that can keep players hooked for hours. This game is a must-try for those with a pulse for rhythm and an appetite for a challenge.


  • Engaging gameplay that merges action platformer with rhythm-based controls
  • Striking, psychedelic graphics that keep players glued to the screen
  • Unique epic soundtracks that add to the excitement of gameplay
  • A range of challenging levels that test players at various difficulty levels
  • A platform for creativity with the online level editor.


  • The challenges are quite tough for beginners
  • A strict soundtrack match might only be someone's cup of tea.


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