Star Trek™ Fleet Command review

Star Trek™ Fleet Command

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An exhilarating blend of diplomacy, combat, skill, and strategy awaits your command on the edge of space! Star Trek Fleet Command propels you into a war-primed galaxy as you wrestle with the reins of power between the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan forces. This review takes an in-depth exploration into the ins and outs of this captivating MMO.

Engaging Gameplay:

Propel yourself into the stoic calm and thrilling frenzy of the Alpha and Beta quadrants, caught between the brink of calamity and harmony. As the commandant steering a starbase, the game sweeps you into a universe where every choice you make might nudge the scale of power and determine the fate of the galaxy. Contending with local inhabitants, thwarting pirates, and delicately balancing peace through hundreds of unique missions become the order of your star-studded day.

Galaxy of Stars:

For long-time Star Trek fans, the game is a treasure trove of iconic officers, from the likes of James T. Kirk and Spock to Nero. These champions are not mere figureheads but offer invaluable tactical abilities that are the keys to your survival and success. But the command continues with the personnel, as you have the chance to control and upgrade daunting vessels such as the Enterprise, Romulan Warbird, and Klingon Bird of Prey.

World in Real Time:

Star Trek Fleet Command excels past being a single-player experience. You get to work with or sometimes counteract your strategies against thousands of players playing in real time. The game is a testament to the human spirit of camaraderie and rivalry, pushing you to create or join auspicious alliances to command star systems and aim for galactic supremacy.

Graphics and Aesthetics:

The game never ceases to stun with its breathtaking graphics, evident in the starships, characters, and the profound depth of the galaxy. The immersion into the Star Trek universe becomes a visual indulgence as you engage with every element rendered in vivid detail on the frontiers of civilization, making the gameplay significantly more enticing.

Technology and Upgrades:

The game encourages innovation and progression, alluring you to discover new technologies, ship enhancements, and resources that can give your starbase the winning edge. It fosters the genius and industrious spirit the Star Trek universe holds dear, urging you not just to survive but to thrive in these challenging frontiers.

Bottom Line

Star Trek Fleet Command is an open-world strategy MMO that embodies the essence of the vast, dynamic universe Star Trek has for decades brought to life. Whether you are a Star Trek devotee or a newcomer, the game offers a compelling narrative, detailed graphics, and intricate gameplay to immerse you in a world of strategy and intrigue.


  • Engaging gameplay with hundreds of unique missions
  • Offers an immersive Star Trek story
  • Features stellar graphics and iconic Star Trek characters
  • Real-time, multiplayer gaming experience
  • Diverse alliances offer strategic gameplay.


  • It could be overwhelming for beginners
  • The in-game purchases might hinder the free-to-play experience
  • The game requires a substantial time commitment to reach higher levels.


Star Trek™ Fleet Command Star Trek™ Fleet Command