Secret Neighbor review

Secret Neighbor

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'Hidden in Plain Sight' could be an apt alternative name for the enthralling multiplayer spinoff from the Hello Neighbor universe, 'Secret Neighbor.' This thrilling game presents a gripping combination of suspense, strategy, and collaboration. It brilliantly blends the seeds of mistrust among the players within the engaging gameplay, making it an intense game of wit and power plays. 

Evolving Gameplay Experiences:

Secret Neighbor sets the stage with a gripping storyline that creates palpable tension right from the start. The subtle twists and turns keep the gameplay exciting, as everyone is a potential traitor, fostering a sense of paranoia. Each round unfolds new surprises, as trust becomes a bargaining chip that enhances the overall gameplay experience. The concept of the mystery 'Neighbor' lurking amidst the children elevates the anxiety and unpredictability level.

The Eye-Catching Visual Treat: 

The engaging gameplay aside, Secret Neighbor impresses with its appealing visuals. The eclectic mix of detailed environments, strong character designs, light-hearted themes, and animation standards augments the player’s engagement. Additionally, the chilling sounds and eerie music boost the game's suspense and ambiance.

Thriving on Teamwork and Strategy:

A unique element that sets Secret Neighbor apart from other multiplayer games is the requirement for teamwork, strategy, and communication. The players must work together to unlock the basement door. Yet knowing that the enemy lurks among them adds a layer of complexity to the interactions and decision-making process.

Distinctive Characters and Abilities:

Secret Neighbor offers varying characters with distinct abilities. Each character's unique skills add a level of tactic and strategy to the gameplay. The diversity in characters allows players to explore different play styles, adding to the already thrilling gameplay experience.

Attractive Add-on Features:

Capitalize on the thrill of discovery as you navigate through hidden spaces, secret passages, and trapdoors. The game encourages exploration and rewards curiosity with helpful items to aid in the quest, making it increasingly engaging.


To sum it up, Secret Neighbor is a thrilling blend of strategy and suspense. Despite some minor issues, it holds its ground as a unique multiplayer experience in the gaming world. The turmoil of trust and the tantalizing twist of the hidden Neighbor make it an addictive game that keeps you coming back for more.


  • Unique blend of multiplayer and strategy
  • Engaging team cooperation concept
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Varied and distinctive characters with unique abilities
  • Rewards curiosity with helpful hidden items.


  • Might become repetitive over time
  • Gets difficult for beginners
  • The voice chat option can sometimes lead to toxic player encounters.


Secret Neighbor Secret Neighbor