Poppy Playtime review

Poppy Playtime

Published & copyrighted by MOB Games

Welcome to Playtime Co., a once-prosperous toy factory suddenly abandoned under mysterious circumstances. In Poppy Playtime, the factory's hushed walls whisper stories begging to be unraveled. Buckle up for a spine-chilling adventure as you wade through the eerie remnants of playful fantasies turned nightmares, armed with your trusty GrabPack.

A Role-Playing Adventure in Abandoned Factory

The game thrusts you into a retro universe fraught with twisted remnants of the past. Darkness cloaks the abandoned factory, punctuated by unseemly toys that once brought joy to many. Among these playthings, the most notable are Bot, Huggy, Catbee, and Poppy. Each toy harbors a unique personality, ready to spring into action at any moment. Their unpredictable nature adds to the game's suspense, delivering a thrilling experience.

The Good, The Bad, and The Toys

Poppy Playtime doesn't treat these toys as mere decorations; they are characters with a life of their own. Interacting with these 'friends' can either help or harm your journey through the factory. Their animations are top-notch, fostering a surreal atmosphere.

Embrace Your Very Own GrabPack

The GrabPack is your ultimate tool and companion for your exploration endeavors. As a hi-tech backpack with twin mechanical hands, it allows you to reach great distances, move heavy objects, and even conduct electricity. The gameplay benefits greatly from this device, evolving from a typical survival horror to a unique puzzle-solving thriller.

Cheery Graphics Against Dark Horrors

Poppy Playtime expertly meshes cheery graphics and dark themes. It’s a vivid juxtaposition of innocent playthings against a backdrop of bone-chilling horror. While the game’s palette and graphic style add to its quirky charm, the deliberate contrast between the two subtly unsettles the player. You can’t help but admire the artistry behind this.

Conclusion: The Haunting Song of Playtime

Poppy Playtime weaves a visual tale of forgotten innocence and smoldering horror. Each element, from the toys to the GrabPack, adds layers to your experience, making it more immersive.


  • Unique combination of horror and puzzle-solving aspects
  • Excellent utilization of the GrabPack tool for various gameplay elements
  • Exceptional character design and animation.


  • The bright, colorful design might not be appealing to classic horror game fans
  • The unpredictability of the toy's reactions may be frustrating for some players
  • The lack of traditional horror elements may disappoint some fans.


Poppy Playtime Poppy Playtime