My Singing Monsters review

My Singing Monsters

Published & copyrighted by Big Blue Bubble

Getting swept up in a game isn't always about high scores, defeating bosses, or surviving hordes of enemies. Sometimes, it's about creating something unique, fostering a community, and immersing oneself in a whole new sonic world. This is where the charmingly unique game My Singing Monsters, makes its mark. Departing from conventional gameplay mechanics, it offers a merciful blend of music, creativity, and strategy wrapped up in a vibrant and whimsical package. In this review, we're going to embark on a symphonic journey through its plot, captivating characters, ingenious game mechanics, and more. Let's strike the right chord and dive right in!

The Musical Quest

The primary plot of My Singing Monsters revolves around creating a complete ensemble of musical monsters on a vibrant island. Unlike typical monster games, these creatures are friendly, lovable, and have unique musical abilities. The goal is not to battle; instead, players generate and harmonize beautiful melodies by nurturing diverse monsters.

Ensemble of Characters

The game’s appeal lies in its endearing characters: the singing monsters. Each creature possesses a unique sound, character design, and personality, from the adorably drumming Noggin to the octopedal percussionist Entbrat. Their distinctiveness deeply enriches the game’s charm and musical depth.

Harmonious Game Mechanics

My Singing Monsters blends strategy, resource management, and creativity. Players incubate and breed monsters with intricacies relating to elements and rarity. As your ensemble grows, the creation of melodies becomes a strategic puzzle, seeking the right harmony while balancing resources such as food and coins. Furthermore, the game spans multiple unlockable islands, each presenting new sets of monsters and unique music.

Serenade of Sound Design

The game sets itself apart with its interactive sound design. Each monster contributes a unique audio element, from bass drums to electronic tones. As players curate their band of monsters, they conduct a continually evolving symphony. The experiential approach to sound sets a lively and immersive environment.

Artistic Visual Palette

The graphics of My Singing Monsters have a vibrant and whimsical aesthetic. Each monster's design is in-depth, animated, and pleasing, catering to a wide range of player tastes. The island teems with life, creating an enchanting land of music.

Community and Extra Harmonies

My Singing Monsters fosters a friendly multiplayer environment through friend codes and visiting others' islands. There are also varied side-quests, like baking cakes for the monsters or the memory game. These elements enhance both fun and the sense of community in the game.

Encore Performance

In terms of replayability, My Singing Monsters excels. The range of monsters to breed and the different melodies to craft contribute to an addicting cycle of continuous growth. Controls are intuitive and easy to master, making the game accessible for all ages.

Overall Impressions

My Singing Monsters is an eccentric yet fascinating game that captivates players with its combination of strategy, creativity, and unique musicality. It's a virtual playground for those seeking an offbeat gaming experience, embracing a player's quirks and igniting imagination in ways few games can.


  • Original, engaging plot
  • Diverse, unique characters
  • Multilayered strategic gameplay
  • Innovative sound design
  • Vibrant, appealing graphics
  • Encouraging multiplayer environment


  • Resource collection might feel slow-paced
  • High-level monsters can require patience to obtain
  • Requires a stable internet connection for gameplay.


My Singing Monsters My Singing Monsters My Singing Monsters My Singing Monsters