Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars review

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

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Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is more than just a strategy game; it's a diverse world of fantasy blending various elements - from steampunk robots to the darker elements of myths such as dark elves. This game thrives on unity, strength, and the irresistible allure of ruling an empire. This is a game that is built on a strong storyline but is also much enriched by its auxiliary features, creating an unforgettable gameplay experience. Amid this wonderfully fantastic universe, there are aspects that could be improved, which we'll touch upon as well. 

Unearthing the Old, Unlocking the New: 

The potential for immense power lies within the ancient artifacts you discover in the Artifact Hall. The more you delve into the secrets these artifacts hold, the more their true power unfurls, adding an intriguing dimension to the gameplay.

The Vergeway Maze: 

For the tower defense enthusiasts, the Vergeway - a labyrinth of tricky stages filled with malicious enemies - is pure delight. The game offers the possibility of upgrading and combining cards for enhanced performance - a perfect blend of strategy and thrill.

Construct and Command:

The game not only envisages a ruler as a conqueror but also extends the role to that of a builder. You have the responsibility of upgrading buildings, conducting research, and training troops. It's a comprehensive role and truly represents the multi-faceted aspect of real-life leadership.

Heroes and their Troops: 

Across different troop formations and types, you have to ensure that your heroes are well-matched. This feature is thoroughly enjoyable as it tests your strategic skills and helps drive the outcome of battles.

Alliances and Online Global Conquests: 

The game doesn’t just operate in isolation; it extends the possibility of forging alliances via guilds. This addition of multi-player interaction on a global platform elevates the gameplay to another level. 


Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is a testament to how a mobile game can deliver an impressive range of features without compromising on the storyline. Its gripping 3D graphics and animated battles provide an exhilarating experience, while its in-depth gameplay ensures a lasting engagement with players. 


  • Intriguing collection and use of artifacts
  • Diverse troop formations and heroes
  • Engaging siege-themed events
  • Powerful 3D graphics.


  • The game may initially seem overwhelming to beginners with its wide range of features
  • Progression in the game could be time-consuming
  • In-app purchases could provide an upper hand, creating a disadvantage for players not willing to invest.


Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars