Hello Neighbor review

Hello Neighbor

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First things first, "Hello Neighbor" is certainly a unique beast within the gaming world. This stealth horror game by Dynamic Pixels has managed to encapsulate and deliver an engaging, albeit sometimes frustrating, immersive experience that is just as different as it is intriguing.

Subtle Gameplay Narrative:

What truly sets "Hello Neighbor" apart is its gameplay. Unlike most games of its genre, it comes with an adaptive AI that observes and adjusts its actions according to your strategies, thus keeping players on their toes. Its main premise involves you, the player, attempting to infiltrate your neighbor's house to unravel a sinister secret. This cat-and-mouse dynamic provides a constant jolt of adrenaline that keeps you glued to your screen.

Stunning Surrealist Visuals:

"Hello Neighbor" triumphs in terms of aesthetics; it amalgamates realistic graphics with a surreal art style, creating a delightful visual experience. The game does an exceptional job of setting up its creepy atmosphere. Each detail, from the eerie lighting to the intricate objects scattered around the house, enhances your gaming experience, making discovery and exploration a truly immersive venture.

Inventive Features:

The features brought forth by "Hello Neighbor" are both creative and inventive. The game's physics, object interactions, and sound design are built to keep your senses heightened. The addition of sandbox-style gameplay, which allows for numerous strategical patterns, further enhances the overall challenge of finding the best way to achieve your mission.

Compelling Story, but Frustrating Mechanics:

The game's story is rather enticing and keeps you invested, which is a positive. However, the positives are marred with a few misses, largely present in the game mechanics. An intriguing plot is often left open due to the non-linear narrative, which may cause some players to need clarification or satisfaction.

Consistent Challenge, but Room for Improvement:

The promise of a consistently evolving challenge, as per your strategies, enhances the thrill. However, the lack of instruction can induce frustration among novice players. A proper tutorial or initial guidance could help stave off any early turn-off due to the steep learning curve.


In the end, "Hello Neighbor" is a bold and memorable foray into the stealth horror genre. Although it has its fair share of kinks, it manages to deliver an engaging experience that stands out in a crowded market by keeping its players intrigued, surprised, and, above all, entertained.


  • Engaging gameplay with an adaptive AI
  • Stunning graphics employing a surreal style
  • The inventive features enhance the overall gaming experience
  • The game's plot is compelling and keeps you invested.


  • The game mechanics can be frustrating, especially due to a steep learning curve
  • The story is frequently left open-ended due to the game's non-linear narrative
  • Lack of instructions can be confusing for novice players.


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