Apex Legends™ review

Apex Legends™

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Apex Legends, developed by Respawn Entertainment, has become a fearsome competitor in the Battle Royale genre. What makes it unique? This review will dissect the elements that contribute to the appeal of Apex Legends – plot, characters, game mechanics, sound design, graphics, multiplayer, and beyond.

The Plot and Lore

The game is set in the Outlands of the popular Titanfall franchise, with a unique twist on the plot compared to other traditional Battle Royale games. Apex Legends weaves a narrative around the characters, who are each participating in the Apex Games for differing personal objectives. Respawn Entertainment continually adds new layers to the plot with seasonal events and character stories, making the lore a compelling part of the game.

The Legends

What truly distinguishes Apex Legends are its characters, or "Legends," each with distinct abilities and personalities. Each Legend has a unique tactical ability and ultimate, making the gameplay dynamics extremely varied. From Mirage's cloak of invisibility to Lifeline's deployable healing drone, the characters add Playstyle diversity that keeps the gameplay fresh and unpredictable.

Game Mechanics and Gameplay

Apex Legends is a fast-paced Battle Royale game where 60 players, split into squads of three, land on an island, and the last team standing wins. Where Apex sets itself apart from its peers is the respawn mechanism, Ping system, and character abilities. The unique Ping system allows non-verbal communication, making teamwork a breeze even without voice chat.

The gameplay of Apex Legends is a sharp departure from generic Battle Royale games and warrants a closer look. This meticulous crafting of game mechanics distinguishes Apex Legends as a truly trailblazing title.

The Game Structure: Apex Legends follows the classic Battle Royale blueprint with 60 players (20 teams of 3), all dropping on an expansive map from a moving aircraft. The goal is to be the last team standing after scavenging for weapons, armor, respawn beacons, and other key resources while navigating through a gradually shrinking game zone.

The Legends: The true allure of Apex Legends, however, lies in its roster of diverse characters, each with unique skill sets. These characters or 'Legends' are categorized into four classes – Offensive, Defensive, Support, and Recon. Each category of characters alters the gameplay and strategic layout in a way that suits the specific Legend’s abilities and roles. Their individual skills greatly impact squad synergy and can be game-changers during combats.

Ping and Respawn Systems: Apex Legends revolutionized the Battle Royale genre with its Ping and Respawn systems, adding a layer of accessibility and teamwork. The Ping system minimizes the reliance on voice chat, enabling players to mark directions, dangers, resources, and enemy locations effectively. The Respawn system, meanwhile, gives squad members a second chance by retrieving their banners from their death boxes and reviving them at designated respawn beacons.

Interactive Environments: The gameplay also stands out with its changing maps across seasons, each introducing new interactive elements. The zip lines, portals, balloons, and jump towers provide quick transportation across the map and shift the dynamics of engagements.

Seasonal Updates: Respawn also continues to keep the gameplay fresh with quarterly season updates. Each season introduces a new Legend and often a new weapon, reshuffling the game meta, and classics like King's Canyon and World's Edge have undergone significant changes to keep the gameplay exciting for the players.

In essence, the gameplay is a unique and compelling blend of traditional Battle Royale formula, thoughtful innovation, and gameplay diversity. It demands a nuanced understanding of game mechanics while highlighting strategic teamwork and effective communication.

Stunning Visuals and Sound Design

Aesthetically, Apex Legends is a visual treat. Characters and environments are vivid and richly detailed, and the map is varied and interactive. Sound design is equally immersive. Every gunshot, footprint, and character movement has a specific audio cue, forcing players to rely on both vision and sound for a successful strategy.


Multiplayer is the essence of Apex Legends. Teamwork and synergy between different characters are vital for victory. Therefore, strategic communication, Legend selections, and understanding each Legend's strengths are paramount.

Control Efficiency and Replayability 

The replay value of Apex Legends is unquestionably high based on its unpredictable gameplay, seasonal changes, and regular addition of new Legends. The controls are efficient and smooth without causing considerable confusion that might dissuade new players.

Overall Assessment

Apex Legends effectively extends the frontiers of the Battle Royale genre by fusing traditional elements with innovative game mechanics. It crafts an immersive gaming experience with its deep lore, captivating visuals, and compelling sound design. While the Battle Royale genre may seem oversaturated, Apex Legends delivers a refreshing and exhilarating experience that constantly evolves to keep players engaged.

In summary, Apex Legends offers a rich, engaging, and rewarding experience for those willing to embrace the challenge. It incorporates teamwork, strategy, diverse characters, interactive maps, and an expanding narrative into one adrenaline-filled package.

Significant Notes for Futuristic Gamers:


  • A diverse range of unique characters with different abilities
  • Innovative non-verbal communication system
  • High replayability with seasonal updates
  • Emphasis on teamwork, strategy, and communication
  • Engaging lore that extends with each season
  • Visually stellar with top-notch sound design


  • Lack of solo play mode
  • Gameplay might seem complex for beginners due to various Legends to master
  • The necessity for robust team communication might deter solo players.


Apex Legends™ Apex Legends™