Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Has “Fallen Short of Our Expectations,” Says Warner Bros.

  • 28-02-2024 |
  • Rylie Phillips

In an earnings call for Q4 2023, as reported by IGN, Warner Bros. Discovery's CFO, Gunnar Wiedenfels, addressed the performance issues surrounding Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. He candidly shared that the live service looter shooter set the stage for a difficult year ahead for the company, indicating a stark contrast to the success seen in 2023 with Hogwarts Legacy. Wiedenfels refrained from disclosing specific sales numbers during the call.

Upon its release on February 2nd across Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC platforms, the game encountered a mixed reception that critiqued its narrative, combat mechanisms among other elements. Our comprehensive review offers an in-depth look at where the game stands. Despite its objectives, its peak concurrent player figure on Steam scarcely surpassed the 13,000 mark. Although it initially led the weekly physical sales charts in the UK, its launch figures were notably less than those of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

In light of its lackluster launch, there is a roadmap for a year's worth of post-launch content beginning in March with Season 1, which will introduce the Joker as a new character. For additional insight into what's planned for the game, further details are available.

Warner Bros. Games now faces the challenge of recuperating from this setback and strategizing for a more successful future, as it navigates the competitive landscape of the gaming industry.