Sky News host advises newly crowned Tetris champion: "Step outdoors and breathe in some fresh air"

  • 05-01-2024 |
  • Ronald Mitchell

Many of you might be aware that Willis Gibson, a 13-year-old, recently managed to conquer what seemed insurmountable by successfully completing Tetris on the classic 8-bit Nintendo console, achieving a milestone that just a short time ago, many thought was beyond reach.

Therefore, it was no surprise that an outpouring of applause and adulation followed the appearance of the game's notorious "kill screen," a moment that cropped up amidst Willis's repetitive live-streamed attempts at the record. However, one Sky News journalist opted for a different angle, opting to ridicule the young gamer.

"Speaking as a parent, my advice would be to step away from the screen, spend some time outdoors, get some air... completing Tetris is not an end goal in life."

These were the words of anchor Jayne Secker, amongst other comments belittling the achievement, seemingly downplaying the significance of the young champion's feat.