Inflexion Games is "prioritising" an offline mode for Nightingale

  • 28-02-2024 |
  • Ronald Mitchell

Inflexion Games, the creators behind the Victorian gaslamp fantasy survival game Nightingale, have disclosed their near-term intentions for the game, highlighting the inclusion of an offline mode. This decision comes as a response to the community's input since the game made its debut in an Early Access format. The company has communicated through a Steam post its commitment to developing this mode and plans to roll it out as swiftly as possible. Updates on the progress of this and other developments will be shared on the company's social media platforms and Discord channel in the upcoming weeks.

The game originally launched without an offline mode, a decision rooted in the developers' original vision for Nightingale. They imagined a game defined by its interconnected series of Realms, encouraging cooperative exploration on a scale beyond a single Realm or server. This ambition led to a focus on supporting co-op gameplay from the get-go to address the technical complexities associated with it, such as having party members navigate across multiple Realms. Reflecting on this choice, the developers acknowledge a miscalculation in understanding what some players sought from their gaming experience.

Through this initiative to introduce an offline mode, Inflexion Games demonstrates its responsiveness to community feedback and its dedication to enhancing the player experience in Nightingale.