Elden Ring: How FromSoftware's Masterpiece Rewrites the Rules of Mobile Gaming Interfaces

  • 18-03-2024 |
  • Rylie Phillips

Elden Ring emerged as a highly anticipated game that meticulously fulfills the desires of enthusiastic gamers. Released in February 2022 after a considerable wait, this dark fantasy RPG offers a vast open world ripe with enigmas and perils, an innovative combat system, formidable bosses, stunning artwork, a mesmerizing soundtrack, and a compelling narrative that demands skillful play.

The game's development kicked off in 2017 alongside the acclaimed action-adventure game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Developed by FromSoftware Inc. and published by Bandai Namco, Elden Ring is in good company with other RPG titles like Bloodborne, Demon Souls, and the Dark Souls series.

Elden Ring

During its creation, Hidetaka Miyazaki, the renowned writer behind these hits, collaborated with George R. R. Martin, the author behind A Song of Ice and Fire, to craft the game's lore and backstory. Elden Ring can be seen as a Dark Souls-like experience enriched with epic fantasy and mythology to weave either a tragic or heroic narrative.

Elden Ring's release saw it quickly rise to immense popularity, capturing the attention of gamers everywhere and earning acclaim as a contemporary gaming masterpiece. As players continue to uncover the game's intricacies, its reputation and admiration only grow.

Sharing many features with its predecessors, Elden Ring allows for character customization, presents multiple endings based on player choices, and offers a challenging gameplay experience. The game's narrative, lore, and character backgrounds are open to players' interpretation and analysis.

Elden Ring gameplay

The game's premise involves traversing The Lands Between, a world on the brink of ruin, as a Tarnished, a once-forgotten individual seeking to claim lordship by restoring the Elden Ring, which a vengeful goddess has shattered. Players decide the fate of this world, whether it's to repair, dismantle, or usher in a new era.

The acclaim for Elden Ring stems from its rich storytelling, captivating environments, and the dedication put into its development. It has attracted not only Soulsborne franchise enthusiasts but also newcomers who relish open-world RPGs, dark fantasy, and mythology.

Designed to maximize freedom of exploration while presenting an even more daunting challenge, Elden Ring's world is vast and hostile, filled with concealed treasures, dungeons, puzzles, side quests, and surprising bosses. It offers more character customization options and a variety of weapons than previous titles.

The game also receives praise for providing an ideal setting for competitive online player-versus-player gaming. However, this aspect also brings to light one of the game's main criticisms. As with other Soulsborne titles, the game environment and difficulty lend themselves to a competitive community where discipline and skill are paramount yet not always adhered to.


Some players may take advantage of overpowered weapons and attacks to gain an edge in competitive play, an issue that is somewhat inevitable with large fanbases.

In its first year, Elden Ring has proven to be a time-investment masterpiece, offering an engrossing adventure that will likely continue to evolve and be admired. With its detailed narrative, imaginative characters, breathtaking landscapes, and challenging trials, Elden Ring has captured the hearts of those who love challenge, adventure, fantasy, and horror, earning its place as a modern gaming masterpiece.