The Ultimate Guide to Finding All the Deathroot in Elden Ring

  • 01-11-2023 |
  • Ronald Mitchell

The world of Elden Ring is an expansive and involved one with countless quests, secrets, and items, one of which is the Deathroot - a key item required by two characters, D, Hunter of the Dead, and Gurranq, the Beast Clergyman. Unraveling the mysteries of the Lands Between can be a manageable task with this handy guide at your disposal. So, if you've been searching high and low but are still struggling to collect all nine Deathroots, let's discover where to find each one.

The Significance of Deathroot

The Significance of Deathroot

Within the Elden Ring, Deathroot plays a significant part in the unfolding story. Being the Rune of Death made tangible, they are deeply tied into the history and lore of the expansive world of Elden Ring, even having connections to the tragic tale of Godwyn the Golden. Besides, each Deathroot collected can also unlock rewarding interactions with Gurranq, who offers beast-related rewards for each Deathroot you present him.

Locating the Deathroot

Elden Ring hides these nine Deathroots all across the Lands Between. They are mainly acquired either after a hard-fought battle with a Tibia Mariner or upon completing an exploration of a Catacomb. Below is a detailed list of each Deathroot's general and specific locations:

  • Deathtouched Catacombs - Found near the reward chest at the edge of the Black Knife Assassin boss arena.
  • Black Knife Catacombs - Located near the reward chest at the edge of the Cemetery Shade boss arena.
  • Northeast Limgrave - Automatically earned after defeating the Tibia Mariner in Summonwater Village.
  • Atlus Plateau - Gained after beating the Tibia Mariner present in Wyndham Ruins.
  • East Liurnia of the Lakes - Found after defeating the Tibia Mariner in the woods on the path west of the Carian Study Hall.

Claiming Your Prizes

Claiming Your Prizes

Having gone to great lengths to collect the nine Deathroots, it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Gurranq will present you with a variety of rewards, ranging from incantations and seals to powerful weapons, for each Deathroot you offer him. But be forewarned - as Gurranq consumes more and more Deathroot, he will begin to change, and after he has consumed them all, he will have some unique dialogue for you in Farum Azula.

The Journey Continues

The Soulsborne-style gameplay of Elden Ring promises an engaging journey filled with intriguing narratives, varied combat, and challenging enemies. As you delve deeper into the Lands Between, armed with the knowledge of Deathroot locations, you're one step closer to unveiling the game's full story. There's an exciting adventure with plenty of rewards waiting for you - so venture on, Tarnished, and may your travels through the Lands Between bring fortune and glory your way.