The Ultimate Guide to Evolving Vullaby into Mandibuzz in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

  • 01-11-2023 |
  • Ronald Mitchell

Engaging with the Pokémon universe always brings excitement, especially when every encounter teems with potential. Here, we will guide you on how to evolve Vullaby into Mandibuzz, an enticing process within Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. Embrace this expedition into the mystical realm of Kitakami with enthusiasm and an open heart.

Step 1: Locating Vullaby

Locating Vullaby

Begin your journey by locating Vullaby, an elusive yet not uncommon species found in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. Trainers may find this vulture Pokémon strutting in Paradise Barrens and Fellhorn Gorge. The level of Vullabies encounters will shift, matching your progress within Scarlet/Violet. So, rest assured, you will not face an overpowering Pokémon. Reach Fellhorn Gorge cliffs using the Koraidon/Miraidon's climb ability, obtainable from the 'Path of Legends' quest.

Despite Paradise Barrens being a vital cog of the Kitakami storyline, you can visit this region ahead of time. All you need is to trek through Wistful Fields, accessible from the Bus Stop or Apple Hills. Should you face any substantial challenge, finding Vullaby, a meal or sandwich with Encounter Power: Flying (lvl1) or Encounter Power: Dark (lvl1) can be essential.

Step 2: Catching Vullaby

Securing a Vullaby is the next big hurdle. The Salisbury Steak with Fried Fixings at Barato's in Mesagoza, Levincia, and Cascarrafa offers Encounter Power: Flying (lvl1) at a reasonable 1900. Alternatively, seize the opportunity to encapsulate Vullaby from the 3-star Tera Raids in Kitakami, unlocked after achieving three gym badges. Raids might present Vullaby with a unique Tera-typing, differing from its primary typings (Dark/Flying), bringing diversity to your roster.

Step 3: Evolving Vullaby

Evolving Vullaby

Once you have Vullaby among your allies, patiently level it up to level 54. It's indeed a bit of a grind, but the result is undoubtedly rewarding. Expedite the process of evolution with the help of Exp. Candies if you're aiming to get a Mandibuzz earlier. Trainers may catch Vullaby over level 54 during the postgame, which only requires an extra level up for the evolution.

If Lady Luck smiles upon you, you might also encounter Mandibuzz directly within the 5/6-star Tera Raids. To access the 5-star Raids, you must have completed the 'The Way Home' quest. In the event of clearing sufficient 5-star Raids, 6-star Raids start appearing in Paldea after getting contacted by Jacq.

Step 4: Making the Most of Mandibuzz

Finally, once you have Mandibuzz in your Pokémon line-up, it's time to harness its power wisely. Despite Mandibuzz’s lower Attack and Special Attack as compared to Braviary, it shines in the arenas of Defense and Special Defense. Its HP is an impressive 110, further solidifying its role as a wall in battles.

Outfit Mandibuzz with status moves like Defog and Toxic, both learnable upon leveling up to 64. When it comes to offensive, opt for physical moves. You may consider Knock Off and Foul Play for Dark-type moves, U-Turn for Bug-type moves, and Pluck or Aerial Ace for Flying-type moves. An underrated utility move in its arsenal is Bone Rush, hitting opponents up to 2-5 times in a row, efficiently countering Electric and Rock types.

The ultimate combination of perseverance, strategy, and understanding of Pokémon's diverse universe will help you evolve Vullaby into Mandibuzz seamlessly. In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, every stumble is an opportunity to learn and grow.